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Today around 70% of Indian web population is on social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. Most of them belong to teenagers and youth. Netizens are spending atleast 1 hour daily and many of them getting addicted by...


Lack of security can possibly end up in Identity fraudulent, defamatory and derogatory statements. Security questions are one of the questions asked by many websites before delivering or serving any important or confidential...


Ever regretted on your habit of over-sharing on Facebook and twitter.  Over-sharing on Facebook has become a common phenomenon these days, call it  obsessiveness or excessiveness at times it can certainly land you...


Wi-Fi! Such an easy Internet device and even easier to hack if unaware.

The moment we install a Wi-Fi device in our home, we are excited to go to the internet and we leave back the loopholes open and completely vulnerable, don’t we? Next thing, we complain about loosing our data. No more!

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