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Fraud call and purchase on your card


on 13th may, 2016, I got calls from 3 numbers saying that they are from SBI credit card department and they want to transfer benefits from my credit card to my account. I wanted to block my credit card, so I followed the procedure they said and I was charged a fee of Rs 9098. They said it will be transferred into my account. However after 10 days my credit card statement came and it included me the charges of Rs 9098. It is in name of Fabkart business. I enquired with SBI and reported them the incident on 24th May, 2016 and got my card blocked.

Credit Card Frad


Fraud call for atm card got blocked from idbi bank


I received a call at 6.23 pm on 23/05/2016 from the no 8406930062 saying that he is a person calling on behalf of idbi bank. He said that my atm card is blocked for which i will have to give him my 16 digit no which is on the card. I suspected it to be a fraud call so i shouted on him saying that its a fake call. He started arguing that your number is registered here and all. He denied it being a fake call. I dont have an account in IDBI bank.

fraud call from SUVIDHA PVT LTD


I received call from +918467985753 &+91 9555710342  asking my credit card number, exp date, CVV and OTP number.

I trusted as the person spoke nicely said that he is from SBI creditcard verification team and giving my details, I suspected that it may be fake call since he tried to make 5000 rs transaction against SUVIDHA pvt ltd. saying that he is trying to redeem my reward points.

I called SBI credit card custoomer care and informed they said it is fraud call and blocked my card to prevent any further transaction.

Fradulent transaction imposed by V3 marketing servces


I recieved a call stating that we are from axis bank this the call at 21st May,16 10.35 AM, (7428101832) regarding my existing axis bank credit card you are can upgrade your card to a gold card upgrade with any addtional fees, which sounds interesting to me she started verifiying the details one by one and kept informing me about the benefit iasked her multiples time these any annual fee or some hidden cost she said absolutely no charges. finally she sent me an OTP for some online transaction.



I got call from this no on 21st May 16 @ 1.53 PM they said they are from HDFC bank and i am being a valuable HDFC credit card customer ,rewarded with a prize and some free coupon and vouchers. They were asking my card number details, when i bursted on them and said they are cheaters they just cut the call.

Misuse of bank card details caused 19000/-


Fraud Call

Hi, respected sir,

Fake Phones Call


I have received a phone call from the number +918081511154 . They are telling me that i have got a lottery and they are asking me to tell my sbi credit card no . but i have said them to call tomorrow . I think this is a fake call . Plesase interfere in this matter and punish the fraud . Please let me know the result of the complain .


Thanking you .

Fraud call asking for credit card details


Hi I got a call from this number +919210059773 asking for my credit card details saying that they are giving me 30% off on my spending when I enquired him about it he confidently said its okay if you dont want want to verify the call ill just update it here and u wont get any discount he already had my card number and expiry date and he was further asking me for my cvv number. i told him i cant give he soon kept the phone saying thank u mam no problem as u wish.

Fraud Call from HDFC Credit Card


Since couple of days I am receiving calls from fraudsters about my Credit cards.

I got a call from 9211369070 the lady on the phone pretended they are calling from HDFC Credit card Department and tried getting my details. But I was already aware about these kind of fraud calls and so not provided any information. However I want that other people should not be duped by these fraud call and so want you to take action against this number.

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