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sbi credit card misused


Respected Sir,


I got a call 24th September afternoon at around 1.30 PM from mobile number (08012495854), Person spoke in the phone mentioned that they are calling from state bank of India credit card team(Name of person spoke to me is Aruna).


Fraud Bank call


I received a call from a number - +919136074859  a few minutes ago asking if I knew my friend "xyz". They said they were calling from HDFC bank and this xyz person's credit card payment was due. They were expecting me to give her a message that her credit card was going to expire. They said they were calling from Rajouri Garden branch but xyz has no bank account there. When I called xyz later, she denied anything of the sort



Dear sir,


fraud call asking about the card detail and 2000rs was deduct from my account


 A fake call was rang on 9690072939 regarding refunding my cash but he asked me about my card number and the details and at last the 6 digit number send by him.And 2000 rupees was detected from my account.Kindly help me to  get back my money.On dated 22sep16.

My account number is 33954422388 SBI.

Fraud caller number8447429273

Credit card fraud transaction in VND currency while I am in India


Dear Sir,

Today at 6.35PM I received 2 SMS on my cell stating transactions done in VND currency using my Citibank credit card ending with number 1401. The first transaction was VND 200,000 at FACEBK ADS and the second VND 16,042,282 at FACEBK HFWYCA2FV2. I immediately called the bank and asked them to block the card. The bank also suspected fraud and we're trying to reach me. Nevertheless the dispute cell from Citibank will call me in 5 days. 

Trust that everything turns out to be fine.

This email is sent for your information and necessary actions please.

Dispute of Credit Card Transaction



Assistant Commissioner of Police

Cyber Crime Investigation Cell

Police Commissioner Office of Pune 


Account number-50100019584530

Bank-HDFC Bank

This complaint is regarding th fraud transaction done on my credit card ending with "6005".The amount is 1499-/ rs payable at EBSCHARGE.COM.The bank response are pathetic.Please revert with positive response.




Fraud calls asking for card details


Hello, I am getting call from mobile no- 9818966707 caliming that I have won prizes and asked me to pay some x amount. For this they are asking my credit card. 


Request crime team to look into this asap.



Fraud call asking for Credit Card details


Today 10-Sep-16, I got a call from anonymous number +918470844213 posing as customer care executive of SBI credit cards. The caller insisted on card details including the expiry date. He disconnected the call when i refused to give the details.

Credit Card - Fraud / Scam call - Kotak Mahindra Bank


Received a call from +91 98215 03239 and the called identified himself as Rajkumar. He spoke in Tamil and wanted to offer a replacement credit card for my existing credit card. He said that the new card will have my photo and date of birth (Red flag right away!). He said that after initial verification of my details (I assume that this is where they ask for my credentials) my existing card will be blocked for one hour and then I will be able to use the card till the new one is sent to me.

Credit Card Fraud


Dear Sir,

With reference to the stated above i just received a fraud call from a person claimimg himself bank manager of SBBJ bank. He asked me Expiry of credit card by saying that your card is going to expire. I am already aware of that type of fraud so i did not gave him my details. When i called him again he abused me and saying that he is staying in Taj Hotel. So i want that you take action against him so many other customer will not comer under his fraud.

The number from which i received call is- 8002892206



Thanks & Regards.

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