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Fraudant Calls Asking for Credit card Details


Dear Sir,

I received a call from mobile number 9688623466 asking for credit card details - the caller (A Female) informed that my credit card is being upgraded to a photo card and old card will be deactivated in the next 2 days. 

I did not divulge any information to this caller and when I started asking more questions, she had disconneced the call. I believe this is a clear case of fraud - kindly take necessary actions to prevent any other innocent persons from being cheated by such scamsters.

Karthik Krishna 

Fraud Transaction done on my Credit Card




Please be inforemd that i got a call from SBI regarding the redempotion of reward point on my SBI card and he has all the details of my card handy with him. He has initiated fraud transaction worth Rs.2500 on my SBI card ending with 8606,the only mistake which i have done is that i have given the OTP to him for adjusting the reamaining reward point against my outstanding bill.

Getting Fraud call from 7210360322


Hi Team,


I got a call from 7210360322 .He has started the conversion very nicely saying Sir,You have very nice credit points on your credit card.So, considering this we wanted to give you few offers specially made for you.Before that I would like to know few details of your credit card.And Then he started asking .Interestingly I don't have any credit card.So ,I told him very nicely I'm not the Fool for which you are looking for.

ATM card fraudsters


A person (man) called from this number +918877278303 at 12:58pm on 29th April 2016 to me . I stay in Bangalore . He told my Atm card has been tampered please give the details to block it . I cut the call immediately. I stay in Bangalore .. When I tracked the number using true caller it showed the number is from BIHAR .. 

SBI Fraud call


I got a call from (9311788619) 4:25 pm 27 April 2016

He said that he convert my SBI credit card reward point in rupees and adjust in my next bill but he need some of my credit card information like expiry date, card no. and CVV no. and defenetly i am not giving any details. because i dont have any of my reward points in my credit card account its already awailed , I know he is fraud call because bank excutives never ask about confidential details for costumer credit cards details.

Fradulent call to extract credit card information from Mobile No 9136694298


I got a call at around 12:42 pm on 27th April 16, and the person called was claiming to be a Bank Officer from RBI.

He wanted to extract the details of my credit card , which i did not provide.

Wanted to prevent other gulible people from getting into the trap hence lodging the complain.

Please take appropriate action against the person/group.

 The mobile number used foe the call  was 9136694298.

Fraud Call


I got a call at around 8.30 am on 27th April 16, and the person called was claiming to be a SBI Office or SBI,Kolkata Branch.

He asked for the Card No. , Valid Thru Date and CVV .

When I didn't gave the CVV no., he started abusing me and disconnected the call.

Kindly help me with this.


His Phone No. is 07280997425

Credit Card fraud call


Received call from Mobile No. 8467004738 asking credit card details and requesting to give OTP to them.

Fraud Call for SBI Credit Card


Respected Sir


Please note today 25/04/2016 i got a call from 8882077976 at 6:03 pm, he said he is calling from SBI Credit Card Department & there is exiting offers on my card & he asking the detail of card, but please note i don't have any SBI Credit Card & this is a fraud call & when i said i don't have card than he is abusing me & disconnect the call.


so please take some serious actions on these fraud calls.




Gaurav Jindal

Credit Card Fraud- Call


I Got the call from 9910266094, on today 25-4-2016 at 01:06 PM, He said that he is calling form ICICI Bank Haydrabad Dept.

Due to some pending cheque approval he need my complete credit card no./ Date of Expiry , When he ask for CVV no , I understand his intension , When i statrt cross quetion with him he is hopeless, This this 100% confirmed that he is fraud and i am shouting on phone he is disconnected the ph.

I check with icici there is not call for icici.

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