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Fraud from SBI credit card


on 23rd June 2016 at 2:39 PM  I have received a call from +919843371386 and at 2:46 PM from mobile no.

Fraud Transaction from SBI Credit Card

Hi Team,
I got fraud call on 23rd June 2016 from Tamil Nadu, no's are 9715068353 & 9843371386.

Fraud call for SBI credit call details



To-day i.e. on 27th June 2016 at 3.50 PM I have received a call from +917065414263 in female voice first asking for confirmation of my name as printed in my SBI credit card and when I confirmed the same she started saying that " as I did not use my rewards points, I am entitled for the cash payment for which I need to give the online verification.  Since I had received the similar call in past also I immediately reacted and asked her from which fraud company you are calling me?" She immediately disconnected the pone.

SBI card fraud


Dear Sir/Mam,

Credit card Fraud


Fraud call asking for ATM details for verification



Dear Sir

This is to inform you that I received calls from a number +917808674129. The caller identifies himself as some Bank Manager  (who seems to be from Bihar by his accent) and told that he is calling from ATM Verifying office. He told us that if we do not verify our ATM, it will get blocked and I will not be able to use it again.

Fraud call, asking about Pin sent to mob no., Called Via +91 851 091 8249


Dear Sir,


I have received a call from +91 851 091 8249 on 9-06-16 at 11:49 AM and 11:56 AM.



ICICI Credit card fraud


I am the  credit card holder of Account bearing No. 4375-5119- 3113-5003 of ICICI bank. On 6th January, 2016 to the utter shock and surprise, I received a following sms at 6:38pm:

"Dear Customer, You withdrew INR 10,000.00 using Credit Card 4xxx5003 at ICICI Bank on 06-JAN-16. Avbl Cash IMT:INR 9,125.00, AVBL Cr IMT:INR 19,703.46."

2. That immediately in a minute, he again received the following sms at 6:39pm:

Axis bank credit card fraud transaction made online

Axis bank duplicate transaction has made using my credit card
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