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Fraud call about Credit card


I received a call today Feb 8, 2016 at 18:13 from a number: +91-11-4704 2806

The speaker was speaking Hindi

He wanted to speak to a lady in my house , saying that she has a HDFC bank credit card and he wants details like date of birth  etc., He identified the lady's name properly


I think he was trying to extract some credit card information for a fraud.

Please investigate



Fradulent call from Bihar mobile number


Dear Sir,


Please note I have received a call today from a number from Bihar 7050070706 (Uninor) who informed me that I am havign a particular bank's ATM and if I want the card to be running, I need to submit Rs.1000 immediately, so I stated that I am not having the card right now.  He gave me his number to transfer the money (which I was unable to note down as I was in a bus).





this is deep s Lad, today ie. 07th FEb 2016, have receive an SMS notification of card been use first of "5.95USD has been spent at ROUTE 66 INN" and then "603.73 USD spent at TRAVEL RESERVATION" . to which strange that my credit card was with me and I DIDN'T use the card at any outlet.

Have register the complaint with citi customer, but like to know what addition step should i make. to avoid conflic with bank. CITI have block my card and said that their dispute team will contact me in 5 working days. 

Fraudulent Call - online sale


Received a call today(06 Feb-2016)from mob No.s 8127497415 / 91984371579UP EAST) at around 1:33 PM mentioning that they are calling from ICICI Bank, and asked undersigned that by mistake INR 12000/- have been deducted from one of my ICICI credit card and asked to provide the card details so that  they can credit back the amount and i will receive a meesage from bank , Since i was in between some office work i have given them the details including CVV no.

Fraud call enquiring about details of credit card


Fake Call from SBI Gift


I got a call from 8506930923. She told me she is from SBI and I have won some gifts. Then she asked me my DOB and then she asked cart issuer. And then she asked for expiry date of card. That I didn’t share.

Credit card fraud from 8877409323


I got a call from number +91-8877409323 saying my credit card has been blocked and if I want to unblock it, I need to give my credit card details to him. Don't give away your credit or debit card/ bank accont/ net banking details to such people on phone. No Bank will ever call you and ask these details on phone.



Madam/ Sir,

Until the below mentioned fraud I was using SBI Credit Card No 4377486599074620.

On 02nd of February, 2016, at 9:09 pm, a sms popped up in my mobile stating "Dear Cardholder, an enquiry was made by HOTEL CARMEL #1243117253 to check the validity of your SBI Card XX4620. We wish to inform you that the same has been successfully validated.". 

fraud transction


Sub : Complain against fraud transation of amount 50000/-

Dear sir/mam

Asking Card Detail




Just now today at date-04-02-16. I received a call saying me your card has been blocked. and if u want to  un block it. then you have to give me your card detail. call was from 0091-8405055902. on true caller i searched name is showing deba :laddu. I request you to kindly look into this matter and do the required,


Your's Honestly,

Kamlesh Anandani

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