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Fraud through Paytm


Respected Sir, 

credit card fraud


Hi Sir/ Madam,


SBICARD fraudulent transactions without my card or any OTP sharing at 230am when in deep sleep


In the midst of the night/early morning of 5th January 2017 (0230 am) to be precise, my mobile number rings from SBICARD gurgaon number and the same went missed (unanswered), the moment this phone call stopped ringing there were numerous SMSs almost 119 of them between 0232 and 0241am.  Due to the sudden continuous sound I got up and to my dismay saw so many messages which were describing that my SBICARD was used in different currencies of USD, AED and GBP simulataneously with generation of OTP and validation making me gasp for breath.

Debit card fraud call


Sir, My mother residing in the village near RS Mangalam -623525, have received a call from +918051874648 on today morning about debit card details. He has asked about the card details ie, card no. and pin no. He said that he is speaking from mylapore bank and i am collecting verification. I also called him to check that number, no response. Later he called me and asked the same things. Kindly trace him and do the necessary action.


with regards,



Credit Card Fraud Transaction


Dear Sir,

BE Aware. Fraud through Payzapp

Dear Sir/Madam,

I got a call through mobile no. +919278102262 by a lady on 03-01-2017 (this phone number is valid in name of some mr Sahid.She told told me she is from service provider of VISA CARD and she is providing me some benefits.

Fraud Axis Bank Credit Card Transaction

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was called on my mobile no. +919891576616 by a lady on 21-12-2016. She told told me she is from Axis Bank and she is providing me some benefits as I was an old and loyal customer of Axis Bank credit card, She told me benefits as below which I would receive in about 15 days at my home address:

1.Holiday voucher (2 Night and 3 daysfor 2 Adults and two kids below 5 years). Confirm booking with DD. of Rs. 499.

2. One food cash back voucher worth Rs. 2000 (complimentary with holiday voucher).


Credit Card Fraud Complaint


Respected Sir/Madam,


This is to inform you that I have  got a fraud call from this number:8795412483 and her name was Soniya Shukla. 


Actually I had queried something to my bank and I don't know from where they have got the reference about my query and they said that we need Card information to resolve your query and also asked OTP as well. I have provided both of the things to them and they have made the transaction of Rs. 9950 over the Paytm.




I received a call from +91 9134017490  , the guy asked my ADHAR number to unblock my card.

I couldn't get the number immediately, then he collected my credit card number/expiry date / CVV number.

He asked me to reply a message with 1 the message content is "SIM 8991000900872052496U " - FROM +919134017413

I didn't reply that message rather i called SBI Customer care to verify, i came to know it's a hoax call.

Few minutes lateer i received a message transaction for 19650..from ONE97 COMMU-PAYTM.



Credit card fruad transaction


Dear Sir,

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