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software cheating


abir is cheating for 5000$ he is native from bangaladesh 

skype id-auto captcha software

mobile number-+8801962406511

big cheater for world please arrest for this person 

criminal case cheats

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Theft of technology


Our ex-employee has stolen technology from our company and started his own business. He is using our indigenious product and making money out of it. We have faced loss because of it. He also has taken money from us on false practices.

His name is Suresh Iramani - 8805523535

Mobile Phone Lost important passwords was there


Dear Sir,


My cell phone S-5302 Samsung Galaxy having IMEI No. 353877050061856 has been lost. My important contact numbers all emails come were there and in emails passwords and other important things were there.In that 02 sims were there 9560077117 & 9650790017. I have taken the duplicate sim of 9560077117 but 9650790017 is there with phone. He opens the phone in night near about 10 o 'clock but as we ring it he shuts it down.

I am having the FIR copy and bill copy but unable to attach in this.

Please help me the track the same.


Pirated Softwares


I am lodge a complaint regarding pirated sofwatres in Marvelous Anitech Pvt Ltd.

Its a fraud Company that are using Pirated Softwares of microsoft, adobe and  many more. This is a training and development company they run their development company parallelly by the name of without any registration. They are increasing piracy in our country on a huge basis, company has 25 employess/ workstation on all system all the installed softwares are using pirated from Windows to adobe all softwares,

Comapny Name: Marvelous Anitech Pvt Ltd.

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