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Dear Sir,


I have a SBI Railway Card with card no. 4377 4856 5441 5678. An unauthorised transaction of USD 96.00 was done on 31/12/2016. I came to know through SMS  on 31/12/2016 at 1.23 PM from SBI Credit card department  that

“Transaction of USD 96.00 made on SBI Credit Card xx5678 at ENVATOMARKET *32423736 ON 31 Dec.16which is INR is 6792.41/-  .

This transaction is an illegal which is not done me. They also tried to do some more transactions of USD 91.00 but my credit card limit was over.


I immediately contacted the SBI customer care and blocked the card immediately so that this company can not further misuse my card for other transaction. I requested your executive to hold the payment but payment has been done after 48 hrs. to above mentioned company.


Again I contacted to SBI customer care on 02nd January 2017 to register a complaint for this fraud and financial loss caused to me and reverse the payment vide reference no. is 115162223836.


I have not authorised above particular transaction and also not purchased anything.


Kindly register a complaint and reverse the amount of Rs. 6792.41 as ASAP.


Thank you.



Rajeev Kumar Srivastava

Mob. No. - 9818693311

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