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Police Report No: E2804515092

Dear Sir
I became a victim of Cyber crime committed by person in Malaysia. I managed to get the police report registerd in Australia. I have made numerous efforts to get the police report registered with Royal Malaysian Police but it is not yet registered. Kindly help get it reported. I am eager to pay for your fees. I had collected evidences related to this case which can be provided to you.  Below is the summary of the report.

I shall be highly thankful to you and will gladly pay for your fees.

Kindly advise and reply early.
The Investigator
Parramatta Police Station
Sub: Lodging Online Fraud Report
Dear Sir
I have become a victim of online fraud/scam.
The summary is given below incident wise.
I put an advertisement on gumtree for selling my ipad2. The scammer (in the name of Rose Adkins/Mikel Desmond) replied to posing as a serious buyer. I was unaware of all this and went on believing that till I realised that I had been robbed of my ipad2 and money also.
1.       The scammer (in the name of Rose Adkins) asked me to send invoice via my paypal account.  I sent.
2.       He sent me phishing email that I received money in my paypal email id. The phishing email was showing as sender ( (It is official email of paypal). So I did not doubt anything feeling that it may be official process of paypal.
3.       That phishing email matter told me that as a buyer(Rose Adkins) protection money will be released into my paypal account as soon as I send ipad2 and provide shipping tracking number.
I went on believing these all and sent ipad via Pack&Send. ( I have receipt, tracking details and further correspondence with Pack&Send  assuring all help with law.  This all can be provided to you as proof). He agreed to pay me A$775 as ipad2 cost + courier fee. The item was received by the Scammer in the name of Mikel Desmond at the below address. ( Pack&Send and I have proof showing delivery of ipad and can be provided to you .
Name: Mikel Desmond
Address: B-18-11 vista millennium condo
City : Puchong
State : Selangor
Zip code : 47100
Country: Malaysia
4.       I just went on believing all thinking that it may be official paypal process. Next the scammer sent me email that his/her account is business account and the deal is to made for A$1200 and asked me to send via Western Union  A$425 to make it to A$1200. He sent me email that my money is 100% protected. I sent him via western union A$425 + A$43 as transferring fee. ( I have western union receipts as well as further correspondence proving that the scammer collected the money. I have proof of all this to be provided to you. He via phishing email assured me that Now I would get total of A$1250 in my paypal account.
5.       Next he again sent email that a sum of A$2250 has been debited from his account and I need to send him again A$1000 via Western Union and I would get a A$ 2250  in my paypal account. I just sent money via western union believing blindly believing that it may be last step of paypal process.
6.       Next he again sent me email that I send to Scammer A$337 as paypal Transfer Charges and Taxes he (scammer) has added to my paypal payment.
7.       Now I got doubtful and enquired all paypal, pack &send, Western union and realised that I had been robbed. I intensely did correspondence and collected all evidences to be needed for presenting my case.
8.       I tried to lodge online report to Malaysian police but couldn’t. I emailed various officials of RMP but I couldn’t get any reply except automated ones.  
I have told you all incident wise. Kindly advise about this. I will provide you all email correspondence/evidences.
Waiting for your reply.
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