facebook lottery giving away money from a person who said he was Robert Gates Officer in charge of facebook

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I received a instant from my sister in law saying she received money from a lottery contest that facebook was having.  They were giving away money to facebook users picked by lottery. She said to send friend request to CEO agent in charge Robert Gates to see if my name was on list still because she saw it on the list when UPS came to deliver her winnings.  On IM I received facebook headquarters address and a batch #5564351907 reference #2551256002 & ticket #567600545189 saying I was a lottery winner. It also stated thanks to FBI and the software company to block few individuals.  It also said drawing was on January 1, 2014 and I was picked.  By this time I called my sister in law and she did not send me anything.  she did say her phone had been hacked.  I had already sent my email address, birthday and home address.  That was my BIG mistake.  After I talked to my sister in law I sent a message to this person sayin I was contacting facebook crime and scam dept and he got off line.  Before I did this I was sebt a message that if I pay $1000 I would get $100,000.00 then I knew for sure it was a scam and that my sister did not send me a thing.

Please let me know what I should do to keep my information safe or advise me in some way.  I think this needs to Be spread on facebook so someone pays any money and people should just know.  Please contact me if you need any more information.  I still have the IM that this person sent on my phone if that will help.

Thank You,

Patty Tate


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