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For the past 20 days i have been getting fake calls from the following numbers very frequently. Previously this nuisance was was only occassional and ignored them.  During this period i attended one such call and the call gets disconnected and i was charged around 20 Rs. since then i ignored these calls, but nowadays these fake missed calls are frequent are very annoying. 

Several times when i am expecting calls from my friends, or persons known to me who just give missed calls, i was made to think that i am getting a genuine call to call them back. But on coming to know its just the fack calls, i am getting very frustrated. 

Please look into the matter. I contacted vodafone and they simply say that they  are not bothered or concerned about all these things.. 

These are the numbers





please trace the culprit who involves in such activities and let them be punished accordingly, even if it is the service provider themselves....  

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