files encrypted by trojan virus and asking money to decrypt

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This is Prateek Sachdeva. I am from Delhi, India. 

My problem is that my computer has been affected by trojan virus when i downloaded some document. all of my files have been encrypted and they are asking 500usd to give key to decrypt the files, and the amount will be doubled if i dont pay in-time. 

please do needful favour and tell me how to crack them down.

Below are the links mentioned:

For more specific instructions, please visit your personal home page, there are a few different addresses pointing to your page below:

1. ayh2m57ruxjtwyd5 (dot) speralreaopio (dot) com / t5pQR8
2. ayh2m57ruxjtwyd5 (dot) vremlreafpa (dot) com / t5pQR8
3. ayh2m57ruxjtwyd5 (dot) wolfwallsreaetpay (dot) com / t5pQR8
4. ayh2m57ruxjtwyd5 (dot) askhoreasption (dot) com / t5pQR8


Please Please help me in this.


Prateek Sachdeva


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