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I received a call from a Job consultacy entity "Urgent Openings" and they asked for my profile and listed some of the vacanies and also informed of some registration one time charges amounting to 1841/-. So being a rational citizen I googled Urgent Openings and found that it is a working organisation providing consultancy services in India as well as abroad and there extension was "". Then I received a call back from one of employees and the lady asked me to open "" and after entering some further details I paid 1841/- through my credit card. the thing which I noticed was that as soon as I was about to pay the money the site took me to,which is a online book shop.Then she hanged up saying that I'll receive a call from HR personnel within 10-15 mins which I did receive. Some HR named Sahil called me and asked me to further pay  3500/- which is a fee to forward resumes to the companies, this left me in dilemma cause I was asked to pay only 1841/- then why this 3500/- again. So instead of being trapped in this racket I deliberatly refused them. So they said Ok and forward your resume and some other docs on I was really shocked after this as a big entity like this who has its own website and instead of using its own domain they are using gmail. Moreover after further going through the site I got to know that there are various spelling mistake and the fonts used by the company are also doubtful. Therefore I bluntly called them back and asked them queries related to my doubts. They were shaken back and said we assure you and you just send me your details, you will receive a call back in fifteen days. They asked me to send a passport size photo, one ID, highest qualification cerificate and an updated resume. Well I was doubtful that they can mis used my documents so I didn't send it to them. So I want my money 1841/- along with compensation.

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