Fraud Job Offer: TATA MOTORS LIMITED - Your Resume has been selected by Company HRD

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On 30th July 2014 I received a sms from "MD-657147"

The message was as follows

"TATA MOTORS LIMITED:- Your Resume has been selected by Company HRD.

Kindly contact for more detils open link:-"

Upon clicking the link it asked me to forward my CV to a certain email address

Also saying that my interview is to be held in Kolkatta on 18th August 10:30am and that I have to bring my documents, forward my CV, and pay 9,600 as a security deposit to Bank of Baroda and another bank.

As soon as I read these I know that it is a scam and didn't mind about it.

But wanted to know if such thing has happened before and I came across this website in which another person encountered the same. Therefore I thought to share mine, hoping it might help someoneesle.



Note: I tried to open the link and copy the whole page here, but unfortunately the person who did this had removed the post from the link given in the sms.


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