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Respected Sir, 

I received a call from the number 7210983991 regarding redeem of points through paytm. So I gave the card number 5126 2292 1468 9807 and the otp. This is the message that I gave '834980 is the OTP for trxn of INR 4990.00 at PAYTM APP with your TATA Card ending 9807. OTP is valid for 10 mins only. Pls do not share with anyone.' The otp came 9 times and 4990*9 i.e ₹44910 has been deducted from the card. Now the the number from which call came is switched off and the money has been transferred to the frauds paytm account. 
9 transactions of ₹4990 has been deducted through the card 5126 2292 1468 9807. The number which called was 7210983991. Now it's difficult to tell that in how many accounts the amount has been transferred. So please see to it that all the numbers registered to the paytm accounts in which the money has been transferred is reported and action has been taken. 
I request the authorities to take the necessary acions.

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