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The company called job4hub and The address of company is Naukri4Hub, Sec-59 Noida- 201301 Up India.

First they asked us to deposit INR 2500/-, then 3600/- and then 7500/-.

First two instalments we deposited and their account and 7500 I transferred online to get their account details. Their bank details are as below:


Name:  Unique Business Group

Account Number: 33750200000073

Account Type: SAVING



IFSC Code: IOBA0003375


In their last email they confirmed that this 7500 is last payment after that there will be no payments but now again they are asking for 12000.00.


First, they don’t tell you the complete process in starting. Secondly, when you ask them to meet or see their office, they refuse it. Third, their website has no contact number or any way to be in touch with them. Fourth, once the payment is done, they send you an email confirmation just saying that this much amount is received but there is no name or contact number or signature in the email. Fifth, when you ask them for any reference they don’t give it.

The most important, if you want to know about the next step their answer is, first pay for this step then we will tell you about the next step and on next step they again ask for money. On any point you want to quit and don’t pay, they don’t refund you anything and say do wherever you want.  


The only point of contact is as below:

Mr. XXXXXXX  (+91 8506090841)



*Be careful*


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