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Dear Sir/ Ma'am,


                            This is to notify that a girl Manjita Singh has shared my pic and phone with many anonymous people on 30th July' 14 without my knowledge. I'm filing this complaint post confirmation only.

I started recieving pings from unknown people from 30th July and had no idea from where these guys got my no. so i just blocked and deleted the messages. There was ping from a guy saying that a girl has shared screen shot of my whatsapp profile to make fun of me. I had a doubt on Manjita Singh as she pinged me making fun of my status but I ignored and did not reply anything. Then I spoke to couple of my friends and they showed me that Manjita took a screen shot of my whatsapp profile which included my pic,status and phone number and shared with many people, when I asked her about the same she said it was not her but some other guy and blocked me.

I tried to reach her by facebook to discuss and close the matter but she insulted me again and blocked me.

I apologize for the lenghty complaint but I would like to file a case against Manjita Singh for sharing my personal details without my knowledge and insulting me in public, her phone no.s are 7838917720 and 9999607490 (by which she sent messages to all). I have the required evidences with me, but the limit is allowing to attach. Please share an email id where I can send u the required docs.

I would be highly obliged for your help in finding justice here as I've been a victim without any reason.


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