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Dear Sir/Madam,
This is to bring to the notice of the Cyber crime cell that a website by the name of is fraudulently collecting money from gullible clients on the pretext of providing matrimonial services.
I, Abhinav Rustagi had given matrimonial ad in Times of India on 26th June, 2016
In response of this ad, a representative of Hamrahi Matrimony named Ms. Purvi called from mobile 8602222911 on our mobile 9999913946 whose reference was given in our matrimonial ad to contact.
The call was responded by my father S.P.Rustgi.
Ms. Purvi asked my father full detail of me like age, qualification, martial status, income etc. Further my father told her about our preference of the match and contact only after sharing my Bio-data with proposed match and their consent. .
Ms. Purvi on 29th June, 2016 sent Bio-data of one Ms. Sneha Aggarwal from ID [email protected] and also on Whatsapp from mobile7581822398 and also called my father that Sneha and her father consent is taken and they are very much interested to talk, and finalize for marriage. However, Ms. Purvi from Hamrahi Matrimony put condition to deposit Rs. 6,000/- in account of Hamrahi Matrimony in advance.
Ms. Purvi further tried to arrange conference call with father of Ms. Sneha Aggarwal. Two times she called to arrange conference call with Mr. Aggarwal but on both occasions she put the call down on one pretext or the other and insisted that we should at least deposit 50% (Rs. 3,000/-) in Hamrahi Matrimony account and than she will provide full contact detail of Ms. Sneha Aggarwal like address & phone numbers so that we can talk and meet them.
On 8th July, 2016 we received email from Hamrahi Matrimony giving the Bank details to deposit Rs. 3,000/-. The email came from ID  [email protected] on my father's ID [email protected]
My father responded the same day by email and asked them to confirm that they shall immediately provide contact detail of Ms. Neha Agarwal once payment is done in their account. It was immediately confirmed by them through email.
On 11th July,2016 I deposited Rs. 3,000/- in account of Hamrahi Matrimony and informed Ms. Purvi about the transaction detail by email.
After this one person who introduced himself as Mr. Aggarwal called my father from mobile 7800996700 and disconnected the call just after checking that we have deposited Rs. 3,000/- .
From that day we have been trying to contact Ms. Purvi on mobile numbers 86022229118602222166 & 8349605623 used by her to call us from time to time.
Number 7581822398 from which Bia-data of Ms. Sneha Aggarwal was sent on Whatsapp and also number 7800996700 from where one so called Mr. Aggarwal rang up are both non-responsive.
It is a fraud company picking up ad from News Papers and extracting money from persons looking for matrimonial alliance.
I request you to investigate this fraud company and take strong action as they may be fooling many others of big amounts the way they fooled and robbed us of Rs.3,000/-.
Email correspondence between Ms. Purvi & my father is appended below along with attachment sent by her about Sneha Aggarwal and Bank details of Hamrahi Matrimony.  
Abhinav Rustagi 


Respected Sir/Mam, 


               I am Sending  Those Proposals in Which According to your profile.I Have Talked in All These Profiles if you are interest so Take Member Ship on  our Matrimonial Services
                         please send me your photo & bio-data.                                                   

                         Thank you
Attachments area
Dear Mr. Rohit,
I attach Photo & Bio-data of my son Abhinav.
Please share it Ms. Sneha & her parents.
If the proposal is workable, than revert on my mobile or through email.


Respected Sir/Mam, 


                                           Thank you 

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Dear Ms. Purvi,
I shall deposit Rs. 3,000/- in the account of your company Hamrahi Matrimony on Monday.
Before that you shall confirm on the following.
Your fee is Rs.6,000/- against which you accept Rs. 3,000/- as advance.
On receipt of advance, you shall provide and keep providing Bio-data and contact details of all prospective matches after taking their consent that Bio-data of my son Abhinav is acceptable to them. You shall keep providing this information till desired by us for a suitable match.
You have already sent me one Bio-data that of Ms. Sneha Aggarwal whose contact particulars(Phone & Address) shall be provided immediately after advance is deposited.
Once a suitable match is found through your company, you shall be paid balance amount of Rs.3,000/- and no more.
Please revert immediately.
ok sir.

Dear Taniya/Purvi
Payment of Rs. 3,000/- transferred from HDFC Bank to your account under reference number N193160168714805
Pl check and revert.
Dear Ms.Purvi,
You have failed in your obligation to revert since we made payment as our last email of 11/7/2016 to your company account on your promise to revert with suitable match, matching as per our request.
It has been a week since we made payment but you have not responded. Also you do not pick up the phone from which you were making frequent calls prior to making payment.
With this kind of attitude of yours, we do not need your services and you are hereby by asked to refund the amount of RS.3,000/- immediately.
If you do not act on our request to make refund, I shall take suitable action for recovery.
Dear Ms. Purvi/Ms. Taniya,
In my email sent a week back, I asked you to refund Rs.3,000/- transferred to your company account as you failed to provide any service that you committed.
You are also not taking calls from me. It is betrayal of trust.
I am sure that you will immediately refund the amount given to you as I do not need services of your company with this kind of experience.
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