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Respected Dept,

I have been receiving prank calls and emails since March 2014. I could not call back or track the number since those calls were from internet. Here with I have attached all the proofs i could gather.

The first call i received is on March'2014 follwed by emails in the same month. Initially i was ignoring all these. Thought my friends are playing. Because some starnger was doing cyber stalking; he use to talk like defaming my friend. I thought people who are close to me and my friend are playing like this. This happened 3 to 4 times between the month March'14 to May'14. Since I did not take it seriously i deleted all those messages. But I have the last two emails which I have attached here. Looks like somebody is hacking our personal information. In June I had to leave India for a professional engagement. I came back to India in Aug. I did not receive any calls or emails till 20th Aug'2014. 21st Aug I received few missed calls from the internet +0080192082 +304, and from a mumbai number 02266467818,

My friend has been receiving irritating messages and missed calls from the number +88128004370585 which we found it in internet it is a Bangladesh number. These prank calls & emails were from

I have also forwarded the emails to the

I am making this complaint as "Prank calls, Cyber stalking and Spoofing".

Request your kind action on the same.

You can reach me on the above mentioned number & email for any further clarifications and support from my end.



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