SBICARD fraudulent transactions without my card or any OTP sharing at 230am when in deep sleep

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In the midst of the night/early morning of 5th January 2017 (0230 am) to be precise, my mobile number rings from SBICARD gurgaon number and the same went missed (unanswered), the moment this phone call stopped ringing there were numerous SMSs almost 119 of them between 0232 and 0241am.  Due to the sudden continuous sound I got up and to my dismay saw so many messages which were describing that my SBICARD was used in different currencies of USD, AED and GBP simulataneously with generation of OTP and validation making me gasp for breath.  In the depth of my sleep I was not able to figure anything out, later I had opened my mail and I found that the same transactions are duplicated in my email account as well.  In utter confusion I had called the helpline number of SBICARD which only functions from 8am to 8pm and the rest of the time it is on IVR.  I did not use the IVR because the option of card blocking was only available, but already detecting fraudulent transactions the card in itself got blocked when 80% of my credit limit reached in almost 10 minutes and some more transaction tried later were all declined due to card blocking.  Next morning I had formerly lodged a complaint to SBICARD helpline and they have since then put this on hold and requested me to wait for 7 days which could be upto 12th January  2017 to resolve the complaint.  To my dismay the 5/1/2017 transactions are still visible in my credit card unbilled statement  under the heading transactions in progress.  I had repeatedly called SBICARD on 6th and 7th January stating that all the transactions done during that time at 5/1/2017 are not mine and you should not proceed with transferring money, for which they state that all that are pending investigation and the backend people are working on the same and will contact me within 3-5 days and the same has not happened till this time.  My credit before the fraudulent transaction was about 65000/- (approx) and the fraudester has siphoned around 75,000 (approx) in 10 minutes in a trace without my card, card expiry details, CVV  or OTP or my mobile being compromised.  How is this possible with so much security,  I am using SBICARDS since 18 years and I am dismayed and surprised that I am using such an unsafe credit card which could be manipulated so easily.  What is the use of online generation of OTP and other secure details.  How come such high value transactions gets approved without my card details and OTP.  Otherwise normally for our genuine transactions online even for Rs.100 we need to look out for OTP thru SMS etc.  My request to cyber cell is to find out how this fraud could have happened and request SBICARD not to give any payment to the mechanise and remove all the dues which are fraudulent from my SBICARD unbilled transactions at the earliest.  RAGHUKUMAR.P

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