Shop selling pirated and pornographic softwares in Shahibaug, Ahmedabad

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Respected Sir,

It come to my notice that there is a shop in Shahibaug area where pirated softwares are sold.

It sold all kinds of pirated softwares like

  - Windows Operating System [All versions]

  - All costly softwares [related to Electronics, Mechanical, Graphics industry and many more]

  - All costly games 

  - Pornographics cds/dvds etc.


From outside the shop, it seems like it is selling computer equipments like mouse, monitor, headphone, dvd drive, etc. But, it has one separate room where all kinds of above mentioned softwares are available. Those softwares are also available in the PC on the counter where shop owner sits.

Customer asks for whatever software/dvd they want and they on the spot create dvd copy and sold it at price ranging from Rs. 100 to 500. Previously they have albums for all software/games, etc. but nowadays they are not maintaining those to hide their activity.


I feel that it is my duty to report this as a good citizen of India.

Here is the address of the shop:

Krishna Communication, 2nd Floor, M V House, Opp. Namaskar Circle, Near Swaminarayan Temple, Shahibaug. Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


Surname of shop owner is Udavat or like [I don't know his exact name]. Shop owner wears ear rings.




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