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Dear Sirs,

                 I have been bullied, harassed and threatened through the Facebook social network. The name of the account is Save Oxmas. They were doing this for several times and I ignored it as it was not a big issue. But now it is beyond the tolerance limit and the stress will spoil the life of my family and friends. They spread the news through Facebook that I am visiting my friend’s families when their husbands are away. This message posted in Facebook on 24th of February 2013 early morning (03.41 am).


               I am the President of our community (OXFORD MALAYALEE SAMAJAM-OXMAS) and    I suspect some people from our community behind this. Another person whose car was stopped by the police on 5th Jan 2013. He believes it was me who informed the police .I was sworn by him many times and his name is Mr. Joby C Baby, Mob: 07821921045.


                There was another Facebook ID named New Born Oxmas which disappeared few weeks ago. New Born Oxmas was more dangerous in their language and abused the executive members of our community and their family personally. We suspect these Ids were operated by a group of people and they get support from their friend in that ID.


                I am very much stressed, can’t concentrate on my duties and worried about my family life and my fellow families. This type of anti social behaviour could not be tolerated and this would affect the culture and heritage of British community as well.


                We request you to take necessary action against these account holders. This people should bring in front of the public as this kind of activities cannot be repeated.

Thanks and Regards

Titto Thomas



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